Our clients are always looked after by division one consultants who are specialized in their respective industry and therefore have a deep understanding of the requirements and needs. This allows them a constructive dialogue on equal terms and lets a trusting and lasting relationship emerge. Thanks to this focus and our personal direct network to national and international candidates, division one is able to place positions at management level quickly and efficiently.

Be it on the national or international level – division one has repeatedly been rated a TOP recruitment consultancy firm that is well-prepared to fill your key positions with suitable experts.

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Cost minimization, productivity optimization, development of alternative drive systems, and customer relations, as well as the battle for market share, particularly in the United States and China, are some of the core issues of the automotive industry. The high technical and operational complexity requires new, innovative ways. These changes in the strategic environment require managers and specialists to have portfolios of know-how and skills that match the market conditions. Responsible leadership, sustainable international networking and steady progress in the fiercely competitive environment of the global market are the order of the day.

division one works for both manufacturers and the automotive supplier industry and is able to place national and international positions of all business units. Using direct approach for our Executive Search and Interim placement requests enables us to find suitable candidates.

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The industrial sector is one of the pillars of the German economy. For decades, large listed companies as well as Hidden Champions in this segment contributed to securing jobs and overall prosperity through technological progress and high quality. In order to continue with and meet this huge responsibility it is no longer sufficient to strategically choose and expand locations and structures. The decisive factor is the establishment and development of qualified staff. Even more: It's all about individuals and about securing their know-how, skills and innovative ideas for the goals of your company.

division one will find these individuals for you and thus will make your business more sustainable and competitive. Our experienced consultants of the Practice Group “Industrial” will find and place top managers and specialists in your vacancies, such as from the industry areas of mechanical engineering and plant construction, electrical engineering and automation, and aerospace.

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Digitization, Internet of Things, Fourth Industrial Revolution and Big Data are the determining factors of a key sector of our time. It is imperative to detect and shape trends, to develop disruptive business models, to secure competitive advantages and market shares, and to successfully communicate one’s USPs at all times.

division one’s practice group ‘Technology‘ is closely linked to the respective sector and knows its requirements concerning modern IT and involved employees. This enables us to find exceptional talents that will actively support the implementation of your digital agenda. Clearly structured and transparent processes pave the way to fast placements of fitting candidates into vacant positions: from identification to direct approach to searching by means of target companies and target candidate lists.