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Adrian Czerny
Manager, Executive Search


““ISO 16949 sets standards in the automotive industry. We understand these aspirations and set benchmarks in the staffing of the industry’s executive positions.



Manpower and Performance for Change

The automotive industry is characterized by special quality requirements, which are, inter alia, set down in special norms. One of the ISO/TS 16949:2009’s fundamental requirements is, for example, the fulfillment of customer-specific demands. Our ambition is to fulfill customer-specific demands in the automotive environment and thus contribute to the filling of leadership positions that are critical to success with outstanding candidates.

We know the performers in our network to whom performance is no foreign word, and who can, therefore, constructively shape the industry. The high technical and operational complexity calls for new, innovative ways. These changes in the strategic environment require managers and specialists to possess a portfolio of know-how and skills that is adapted to market conditions. The order of the day is responsible leadership, a sustainable international network and continuous progress in the stiff competitive environment of a global market.

division one works for producers as well as for the supply industry and is able to fill national and international positions in all business units. Our direct search approach allows us to find suitable candidates for our executive search and interim mandates.

Your Team

Adrian Czerny


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Adrian Czerny  is a forward and lateral thinker. Having grown up in an international environment and with a relation to the automotive sector, he is THE expert in finding high-performance leadership personalities. His motto? Always 100 percent full speed. 

Nuria Rodriguez Bande

Project Manager Research

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Nuria Rodriguez Bande  is a project manager in research whose commitment is to always find the optimal solution. She stands for an open, direct communication. Due to her Spanish roots and her strong communication skills, she is well-versed in the international arena.