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Marc Hammer
Manager, Executive Search


“As digital pioneers and constructive provocateurs, your IT leaders are responsible for promoting the transformation into a digital company. We find these luminaries for you!“



Digital Heroes

Digitization is considered to be a constructive destroyer – enabling completely new business models and changing the existing value creation. Startups grow rapidly and quickly develop into serious competition. This development, however, creates new opportunities for refining products and services.

To stay competitive, you need digital heroes: visionaries and strategists who sense trends, and who develop disruptive business models to secure competitive advantages and market shares. division one has understood this trend! We find passionate leaders and exceptional talents for you who are burning with fervor for their subject and who actively implement your digital agenda.

Harnessing Digitalization

Your Team

Marc Hammer


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Marc Hammer is a digital native who belongs to the Generation Y. At division one, he is the expert for filling expert and leadership positions in the IT environment. He knows the requirements for the work environment of “digital heroes.” Furthermore, he supports a research group on the subject of a digitized and automated world of work. 

Kathrin Schamburek

Project Manager Research

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Kathrin Schamburek is a social media enthusiast and a passionate networker. For successful talent search, she applies proven methods and combines these with the newest sourcing tools and with helpful recruiting hacks. Her work credo: Always meeting at eye level.

Alexander Benz

Project Manager Research

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Alexander Benz is particularly characterized by an exceptional communication skill, ambition and the strong will to identify the best candidates for you. He is convinced that there is a “perfect match” for every customer and candidate, as long as a transparent communication exists.