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Marko Marusic
Head of Automotive, Interim Management


“Interim managers – the driving force for continuous success, innovation and stability in times of change.



Manpower und Performance for Change

Minimization of costs, optimization of productivity, the development of alternative drives, ensuring customer retention and the fight for market shares, primarily in the U.S and in China, are some of the core issues in the automotive industry. The high technical and operational complexity calls for new, innovative ways. These changes in the strategic environment require managers and specialists to possess a portfolio of know-how and skills that is adapted to market conditions.

To be able to react quickly, confidently and in a timely manner to changing circumstances, assigning interim managers has become almost indispensable. The experienced specialists operate with the flexibility and independence of an external player as well as with the professional profundity and commitment of a long-standing executive.

division one works for producers as well as for the supply industry and is able to fill national and international positions in all business units. Our direct search approach allows us to find suitable candidates for our interim mandates.


Worldwide Interim Network

Your Team

Marko Marusic

Senior Manager

+49 711 310 584-29

+49 711 310 584-80

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Marko Marusic attaches great importance to a trusting interaction in his team and with his customers. He seeks personal exchange, which is why he was able to establish a broad and nuanced network in the automotive industry throughout the years. 

Gökhan Kiral


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+49 711 310 584-80

+49 172 4395875


Gökhan Kiral knows both sides – that of the researcher and that of the consultant. Therefore, he can react to both parties in a goal-oriented way and mediate between them. His credo: The triad of customer, candidate and consultant needs to produce harmony in order to be successful. 

Dominik Birmelin


+49 711 310 584-56

+49 711 310 584-80

+49 1609 4449600


Dominik Birmelin is characterized by a strong communication skill and the ambition to end a project only when the ideal candidate has been found. He reaches this goal by advocating transparency, a close coordination with candidates and a sound sense of humor. 

Adrian Märkl

Project Assistant

+49 711 310 584 58

+49 711 310 584 80

+49 1609 4449600


Adrian Märkl pays his full attention to “candidate experience.” For him, an exceptional candidate care mainly includes a certain comfort factor that results from commitment, reliability and a good ear.