Interim Management WE KNOW HOW. WE KNOW WHO.
Eva Moldavanidu
Head of Industry, Interim Management


“Due to their objectivity, the clear task and their extensive experience, interim managers deliver results in a goal-oriented and reliable fashion.



The Interim Solution

Interim Management is a modern approach to react quickly and flexibly to changing market and company situations. As a professional provider of interim managers, division one is an expert in searching for temporary executives.

A company’s top manager is lost unexpectedly. Important ongoing projects need to be implemented soon. Yet, no one in the company possesses the necessary know-how. An interim manager may provide rapid and professional assistance in filling a vacancy gap.

Modern business management of the 21st century hardly works without interim management. Be it mergers, reorganization, restructuring, controlling, process optimization or revenue growth, interim managers are an integral part of today’s globalized economy that needs to react blazing fast to daily changes. Interim managers always join a company for a limited period of time. As external experts, they are a trusted party that is not encumbered by internal issues or political entanglements. Management competence that is immediately available is a substantial advantage. Our focus lies in the industry sector’s upper and middle management.

Interim Experts for the Industry

Your Team

Eva Moldavanidu

Senior Manager

+49 711 310 584-53

+49 711 310 584-80

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Eva Moldavanidu embodies her philosophy of a sincere, sustainable and trusting customer relationship. She is convinced that transparency and reliability in communication are key factors to a successful placement. 

Laura Rieth-Fuggerer

Project Manager Research

+49 711 310 584-54

+49 711 310 584-80

+49 1525 7966733


Laura Fuggerer is a team player whose specialty is to connect people. She passionately stands up for her fellow human beings’ wishes, concerns and needs – as she does in direct candidate research during active sourcing. 

Alina Unterthiner

Project Manager Research

+49 711 310 584 36

+49 711 310 584 80

+49 1511 5900182


Alina Unterthiner always follows her projects with great diligence, peace of mind and with a pinch of calmness. Her motto: A candidate should feel well not only when he/she starts his/her job, but also while being supported by the personnel consultant. 

Adrian Märkl

Project Assistant

+49 711 310 584 58

+49 711 310 584 80

+49 1525 7966733


Adrian Märkl pays his full attention to “candidate experience.” For him, an exceptional candidate care mainly includes a certain comfort factor that results from commitment, reliability and a good ear.