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Why quit? Interim Managers Past the Age of 67


Rob Spaans is 67 years old. While many fellow managers of his age enjoy retirement on the golf course or in a sailing boat, the Dutchman takes care of the maritime and air transportation business of ITG, a German transport company. At the company locations in Amsterdam-Schiphol and Rotterdam, Mr. Spaans bears the responsibility for 70 employees. In many companies, however, a manager’s career usually ends at the age of 60. Is Spaans unable to let go? "Why should he do that?" Björn Knothe, CEO of division one, a recruitment provider from Stuttgart, Germany, asks. “Today, many executives past 60 are in a good physical shape and possess a maximum of experience,” Knothe explains. Michael Lanik can acknowledge this. Mr. Lanik is an interim manager of 68 years who also cooperates with division one. At the moment, he acts as the CRO of a medium-sized mechanical engineering company.(available only in German)

(Source: IHK Magazin / November / from Walter Beck)

Interim Managers – No Thought Wasted on Retirement


Retiring at the age of 63 is currently inconceivable for many. Today, Michal Lanik has turned 68. However, he is still working as a restructuring specialist and interim manager every day. The well-experienced manager and CRO cooperates with division one, a recruitment provider from Stuttgart, Germany. At the moment, Mr. Lanik is involved in a restructuring project at a mechanical engineering company. “I usually know many of the situations that may arise in a company,” Lanik says. “Most of the time, I know after the first meeting which direction to steer in. In such cases, expertise is important, but usually falls short.” Rob Spaans, 67 years old, is another interim manager who does not yet waste any thought on retiring. Read more (available only in German).


Socially committed 2016


division one receives the award "Socially Committed". division one took part in the application process for the annual event "HAPPY DAY". In 2011, together with the St. Joseph's Children's Center in Stuttgart, division one initiated this joint event. The aim is for children and young people who live there in different groups to be removed from their – often very demanding – everyday life. With 307 applications, in its tenth year the SME award again reached a new participation record. "We are doing very well and we want give back a little bit," says Björn Knothe, the CEO of the Stuttgart HR consulting firm division one. This is the basic idea behind the annual event HAPPY DAY.


Are Recruitment Consultancies Threatened by Digitalization?

Are Recruitment Consultancies Threatened by Digitalization?


Not at all! After all, only professional recruitment consultancies can conduct a successful candidate search at the top level. However, the recruitment market is in motion: Since profiles of professionals are more or less freely available to anybody on the internet, many players as well as employers feel called to become recruiters or personnel consultants themselves. What, then, is left of classical recruitment consultancy? At a round table conference, renowned recruitment consultancy firms such as division one, Kienbaum or KornFerry have discussed the recruitment industry’s current development. Find the complete report here (available only in German)

Steam Engine or Industry 4.0 – How fit are you really?

Steam Engine or Industry 4.0 – How fit are you really?


Where exactly do we stand on our way to industry 4.0, and what are the obstacles and dangers? We have talked about this issue with Dr. Moritz Hämmerle, Head of Competence Team Production Excellence at the Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart. Find the complete interview here (available only in German)