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TOP Personalberater division one

Personal Positioning – This is how you develop your own brand


Having an own brand is a crucial factor in your aim to stand out from the crowd, to become more visible than your competitors, to attract desired potential customers and to achieve higher prices and fees – be it online or offline. In order to attain these, it is necessary to find a unique position in line with market conditions. Well-defined objectives and a suitable strategy are also important. Equally significant: implementing the necessary steps and measures consistently to reach your goal.

In order to shed light on this topic, the DDIM.regional // Baden-Württemberg has invited Torsten Koerting – as a project manager as well as an interim manager, Mr. Koerting has focused strictly on turnaround projects and accordingly on projects that have run into difficulties. At the same time, he has worked intensely at positioning himself as an expert in public and on the media. Read more

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TOP Personalberater division one

division one is a TOP Consultant


division one ranks among the best recruitment consultancy firms in Germany and was therefore awarded the seal „TOP CONSULTANT 2016.“ For the seventh time, this seal honors consultancy services of exceptional quality. Christian Wulff, former Federal President of Germany, congratulated the company representatives in his role as ‘Mentor des Beratervergleichs’ (mentor of consultant comparing) at the 3. Deutschen Mittelstands-Summit (3rd German Summit of Medium-Sized Businesses) in Essen.

Björn Knothe, CEO of division one, said about the award: “We are very proud of being certified such a high level of professionalism during mandate implementation directly by our customer. The result of the survey clearly shows that satisfied customers expect more than the common standards!”

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executive search

division one ranks amont the top of German executive firms


For the third time in a row, division one has been confirmed to be among the best executive search companies in Germany.The renowned news magazine Focus determined this in a large “Salary & Career” special. More than 900executives from the human resources departments of companies located throughout Germany took part in the survey that was carried out jointly with the networking portal Xing. division onewas selected from more than 2,000 competitors in the German market and ranked among the top of German executive search firms



Personal preference may no longer be the decisive factor


Volkmar Denner’s venture has attracted quite a lot of attention. Last year, some have even called the CEO of Bosch a visionary. The reason for this was Denner’s announcement to rethink the technology group’s bonus payments for executives. Individual bonuses are now a relic of Bosch‘s past. More often than not, small and medium-sized businesses have also taken up variable income models. Björn Knothe, recruitment consultant and CEO of division one, is convinced that this trend is going to continue. In his opinion, the variable amount is likely to comprise about 30 % of an average sales representative’s annual income. In order to prevent excesses in this respect, recruitment consultant Knothe is of the opinion that the following ought to be observed: “Companies need to establish a reasonable and fair system for variable remuneration in order to ensure an equal treatment rather than making unfounded payment decisions according to personal preference.” Read more (available only in german)

(Source: Wirtschaftszeitung Baden-Württemberg/Issue 02/2016 / Oliver Schmale)

doctoral degree

Doctoral degrees are often mere accessories


Dieter Zetsche and Johannes Teyssen have done it, Kurt Bock and Reinhard Ploss have done it as well: All four chairmen of the DAX companies Daimler, E.ON, BASF and Infineon have obtained a doctorate. Is a doctorate necessary in order to get to the top? The answer is no. Experts differ in their assessments of the career benefits such a title provides. Many take it for a helpful, but not a mandatory career building block and certainly not for an entry ticket into top management positions.

International corporations also value applicants with an MBA which is comparable to international degrees. However, Björn Knothe, CEO of division one, a recruitment consultancy firm based in Stuttgart, points to an opaque market with more than 10,000 MBA programs worldwide that impart management knowledge in varying degrees of quality. “Companies have difficulties in appraising the quality of the respective degrees. Therefore, the university’s renown serves as a means of orientation,” Knothe points out. As there are so many bearers of titles, companies find it difficult to assess those titles‘ significance altogether. Read more (available only in German)

(Source: Wirtschaftszeitung Baden-Württemberg/ Issue 01/2016 / Stefanie Köhler)